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Lucerne-In-Maine Yacht Racing Union is a non-profit organization dedicated to the joy of sailing and racing small sailboats. During its first season in 1974, the LIMYRU held races on four Sundays in August. Six enthusiastic sailors attended the first race. Since then the number of races, boats and sailors has steadily grown. There are now 10 races a season and over 25 boats registered with the Union. In 1977 the LIMYRU first began utilizing a computer to tabulate its complicated multi-class racing results. Despite high-tech printouts announcing race results, the LIMYRU remains a family-oriented organization of sailors most of whom don't just sail in the races but help keep the organization and races afloat.

Sailors & Crew

First and foremost, we are sailors. We love sailing, we enjoy the company of all the different kinds of sailboats we have, and we enjoy the challenge of sailing a lake famous for its unpredictable winds and reliable beauty. We race together because it's fun to inch ahead of a friend who has a faster boat, or to be blessed with a breeze no one else on the lake has. Racing has made us better sailors. Some of us are beginners and some of us are old salts; but we all learn every time we go out.

Our membership is open to sailors wanting to race and sail in good company. A prospective member only needs a one-design or daysailer and a willingness to learn some basic racing rules. It is not a membership requirement to live on the lake or to be a member of the beach club. There is a public boat launch which several members use every race day.

The Races

We sail 10 races a summer, usually on Sunday afternoons. We typically sail five legs around four marks. Depending on the speed of a boat and the wind, a race can last between one to three hours. We take turns on the committee boat which supervises the starts and finishes. We rarely cancel a race. It takes thunder and lightning, a full-fledged storm, or no wind at all to discourage us.

Each race is timed, and boats can win or place according to actual time, to Portsmouth handicap, or to a season handicap. At the end of a season trophies are awarded to sailors according to their boat's standing in 8 races. A sailor can miss two races and still be in contention for a trophy. Families do like to go on vacation in the summer and we understand that.

The Boats

Members sail one-design sailboats or daysailers from 12 to 20 feet in length, catamarans and monohulls. Our largest two classes are Hobie 16's and JY 15's. There are also Lasers, O'Day Daysailers, Javelins, and assorted other sailboats of modern and classic design. The mixed fleet is fun to sail in. Those having boats of the same design easily compete, but in our races they must also consider the tactics of boats both faster and slower than they are. The fastest boats compete in the actual time standings, but the Portsmouth and Season handicaps enable us to compete with each other without regard to the natural limitations of a particular boat design.